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Based on my studies under Francoise Freedman of Birthlight International and Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Author of Yoni Shakti, this is a nurturing workshop where we use deep Yoga Nidra relaxation techniques. 

Sitting in a circle of support with other women preparing for conception or trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment. The techniques work on opening your reproductive organs, softening and healing and meditating on our infinite possibilities.  In addition to deep rest and relaxation we use some adapted opening gentle Yoga poses to increase blood supply in the Sacral Chakra, the chalice of our reproduction organs.


Finally using Bio Energy healing techniques each individual gets a one to one Bio Energy healing session concentrating on clearing the Chakras with specific emphasis on the Sacral Chakra.

This Workshop will:
  • Prepare your Mind, Body and Heart for fertility and conception

  • Open energetic pathways by working on blocked energy systems

  • Increase circulation to your reproductive system

  • Stretch and tone the pelvic floor

For details of the next workshop email

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