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As a Birth Doula my aim is to provide nurturing care and support to the birthing Mum. Whether you are planning a home birth, or birthing in any of the three Dublin Hospitals I am at your service.  From the moment we sign a contract I will be on call 24/7 to answer your questions, meet up or whatever form of support you require. I am a member of the Doula Association of Ireland.


Research proves that having a Doula helps parents to negotiate the maternity services. Using a Doula to support you can significantly reduce the incidence of interventions such as Caesarians.

My role as a Doula is to sit with you and listen to what it is that you need and help you devise a plan to achieve your planned Birth. You will have my undivided attention to support throughout your pregnancy journey.


When your labour begins, I will join you at your request (either at home or at the hospital) and be there for you and your partner to support you both right up until you are tucked up in bed with your new baby! Finally, I will arrange for a follow up debriefing appointment within days of your baby’s arrival. 

Post Partum Doula

When you’re settled in at home I will support you with feeding, changing and caring for your little baby, ensuring that your transition to motherhood is calm, confident and drama free. I will ensure that you’re prepared for every eventuality that might occur in the early days with your new baby. 

Every new mother deserves a doula!



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